Tuesday, 23 June 2015

5 facts that helped me become an Indie author

I thought I would start by telling you a few facts about myself that have helped guide my life towards becoming an independent fantasy fiction author.

FACT 1:            I was completely uninterested when it came to school. I was unfocused and had no ambition whatsoever. It was only at the age of 27 that I decided my education could do with a boost. I enrolled in a course at my local college in business administration.  I completed the course and returned for more. Never one to make goals, I was surprised to find I actually wanted to stay on and get a degree. The college had strong links with Paisley University and I had no trouble switching to their business degree. I graduated with distinction in 2001, specialising in enterprise and entrepreneurship. I also learnt to set myself goals, aim high and never give in when the research gets hard.

FACT 2:            Nature has always been a top priority of mine, I can thank my father for this. Over my childhood years he taught me to appreciate wildlife and the amazing beauty of the outdoors. Along with my Mother and brother we would spend hours up in the Scottish Highlands with our binoculars looking at Osprey nests and spotting divers in the lochs. Majestic red deer and quirky reindeer were firm favourites of mine as was the yellowhammer and the long tailed tit.

FACT 3:            Although I was raised as a Methodist I struggled my faith, it never seemed to ring true to me. I could feel a spirituality all around me, a connectedness to the living world but it was not the fire and brimstone I had been taught as a child. I looked into Wicca and found yet another set of rules and books about what to think and what to believe. It still was not me but it was getting closer. Eventually I realised that the core of my faith remained the same no matter what label I tried to pin on it.  So I had no need to classify what kind of pagan I was.  All I need is my connection to the earth and I am happy.

FACT 4:            I am a lover of all things mythical. My home is filled with wizards, goblins, faeries and witches. Artwork, wood carvings, polymer clay figurines and puppets fill almost every room. Many of which I have lovingly created myself. The spaces not already inhabited by something weird and wonderful are merely waiting for the day I find an outlet for whoever I imagine would wish to live there. I love to fill the house with uplifting scents of incense or essential oils and I rarely write without a candle of some sort or other lit.

FACT 5:         I have spent many years working in full costume at various historic events around the UK, mainly medieval. Historical research was a big part of my life, nights spent round the camp fire would often involve discussing the failings of various medieval television programs and films. I still find it amusing when a rubber sole or a badly disguised zip finds its way into the end cut. Luckily, so far my writing has given me a little more leeway. The era's I have used are either alternative histories or so far back a lot of the detail has been lost. This have given me some room to make certain assumptions, though I do try to keep them as true to possible fact as I can - unless of course the story calls for something different. 

My debut novel, The Albion Chronicles book 1 – The Girl of Two Worlds is available

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